Social Style Programs


Knowing how people typically behave allows you to predict their behavior in future situations. Social Style is a model for understanding people’s behavioural styles and using this information to interact with others more effectively.

More than ever, today’s managers need to rise above their personal limitations and learn to respond with Versatility to the diverse range of personalities they work with. Managers who understand how to connect with individuals in ways that resonate with their values, communication styles and needs are better equipped to keep their teams engaged and inspired to achieve.

Enhancing Communications With Behavioral Style

Communication is a major part of Behavioral Style, as our speech is one of the most outwardly apparent aspects of our behavior. One-size-fits-all communications models fail to recognise the powerful impact of people’s unique Behavioral Styles on their habits of speech and listening. The SOCIAL STYLE model has helped thousands of people to improve their communication skills by understanding and responding to the nuances of others’ personalities.

Increasing Sales with SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility

Sales relationships thrive or fail based on the defining moments of every customer interaction. Successful sales professionals have the ability to quickly read signals from buyers and adapt for maximum impact. The keys to this kind of adaptability lie in understanding each customer’s distinct behavioral style, while being aware of how our own styles can be perceived by others.

Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency

Recent research in the field of neuroscience has led to new discoveries on brain function, which indicates that we can actually rewire our brains to change our mindset and increase our adaptability. We can create resilient leaders to achieve success as individuals and for their organisation. Participants learn about practical strategies for altering their responses and using these vital skills to increase their job performance in times of organisational change.

SOCIAL STYLE ‘ON Demand’ eLearning courses are now available through Progress Training Systems

Using TRACOM’s popular and proven SOCIAL STYLE Model, the On Demand course delivers long-term benefits and allows users to access SOCIAL STYLE training at their own pace.  It includes exercises, video vignettes and focussed discussions that raise awareness of the workplace behaviours and communication preferences that directly affect the ability of employees to work together effectively. Click on the Program links below to find out more about our eLearning opportunities.

Progress Training Systems also offer the opportunity for clients to use the Social Style and Versatility programs and profiles as part of our one on one coaching sessions.


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